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Mounting B2 Backblaze as a local filesystem using S3 proxy and Goofys

01 July, 2018 | Ubuntu

Hello folks,

Recently I've been having some fun with B2's Backblaze platform - it's an S3 competitor which is a lot cheaper. I was very excited to try the service out but soon I realized there's not as many tools available to work with B2 unlike S3.

After some research I came across the S3 Proxy project. As the name implies, using S3 proxy allows you to access other storage backends using S3 compatible tools - such as Goofys.

In this post I will demonstrate how I used Goofys to mount my B2 bucket - aptly named "Lampros".

Note: This post assumes that you have already installed Docker.

1. Get the S3 proxy docker image:

docker pull andrewgaul/s3proxy

2. Run the S3 proxy and set it up for Backblaze B2 authentication:

docker run \
--publish 8999:80 \
--volume /media/b2_backblaze/:/data \
--env LOG_LEVEL="trace" \
--env JCLOUDS_IDENTITY="replace_with_b2_account_id" \
--env JCLOUDS_CREDENTIAL="replace_with_b2_application_key" \

Note the line '"S3PROXY_AUTHORIZATION="none"' - This means that there's no need to provide any credentials to Goofys since the S3 proxy is already handling the authorization to B2.

3. Get Goofys and move it to /usr/local/bin/goofys:

cd /tmp
curl -LO
sudo mv goofys-latest /usr/local/bin/goofys
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/goofys

4. Create a mountpoint and change ownership to the user of your choice - in this case I'm using my own user "lampros" and the mountpoint is /media/b2_backblaze:

sudo mkdir -pv /media/b2_backblaze
sudo chown -R lampros:lampros /media/b2_backblaze

5. Use Goofys to mount Backblaze B2... as an S3 bucket:

goofys -f --debug_fuse --uid=1000 --endpoint Lampros /media/b2_backblaze

Explanation of the above:

-f = run in foreground
--debug_fuse = will show you additional FUSE debugging
--uid=1000 = tell Goofys to set the ownership of the files in the bucket to uid 1000 - in this case the user "Lampros"
Lampros = the name of my Backblaze B2 bucket
/media/b2_backblaze = the mountpoint I created on step 4