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Compiling and installing s3fs and building an RPM package out of it

23 November, 2017 | CentOS

These are my quick notes on how I compiled and built an RPM package out of S3FS for CentOS 7.

1. Download and get the source code:

cd /tmp
curl -LO
tar -xzf v1.82.tar.gz
cd s3fs-fuse-1.82/

2. Install dependencies:

yum -y install automake gcc-c++ fuse-devel libcurl-devel libxml2-devel openssl-devel

3. Make a temporary directory to use as the target:

mkdir -pv /target

4. Compile and install:

./configure --prefix=/target
make -j`nproc`
make install

5. Install Ruby, rpm-build and the FPM gem:

yum -y install ruby ruby-devel rpm-build
gem install fpm --no-ri --no-rdoc

6. Package it all up and don't forget to add "fuse-libs" as a dependency:

cd /target
fpm --verbose -v 1.82 -n s3fs -d fuse-libs --url="" -s dir -t rpm .=/usr/

7. Done! To Install:

yum install s3fs-1.82-1.x86_64.rpm